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Meet Jon

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The Vision

Vision is comprised of dreams our forefathers dreamt generations before us. Our forefathers are the original idea creators upon which we build things today. Clay View Dairy LLP exists today because of 3 generations before me. Ag Pathways exists because of the foundation Clay View Dairy LLP built.
Who is Jon Huseth? He’s a 4th generation dairy businessman who was afforded an opportunity to make a difference. An opportunity to make a difference by raising quality cattle and growing a family operation. A family operation now comprised of many families who have a vested interest in a mutual cause. Clay View Dairy LLP is built on the virtues of Generosity, Integrity, and Passion. Those virtues have sustained 4 generations and have remained the backbone of an operation that now milks nearly 1200 cows.

The Virtues

Generosity, Integrity and Passion are the Virtues that inspired the creation of Ag Pathways LLC. Those virtues have inspired a vision showing us that we can scale our businesses with a workforce of “partners”. “Partners” who share our virtues and are willing to link their dreams to our business or our client’s businesses

How it Began

In 2013 I realized that many businesses were experiencing a reduced level of engagement in our workforce for quite some time. Comments heard by employers were, “as our businesses are changing many are unwilling to change with us”. This was creating enormous stress on businesses as few were left to carry much of the load. Something had to change and I realized employees were unwilling to evolve with their current employers. This was the opportunity to create Ag Pathways LLC: “A living breathing organization that is comprised of people willing to contribute to a shared vision”. Why? Because their goals and dreams can be linked to the shared vision.

In 2014 through the help and organization of many, we hired our first Visa TN’s. It was a learning process, but as our network grew we became better at finding people who could truly understand the Vision, through our Virtues. We focused on building a culture for Clay View Dairy, and because of our experiences we decided to share with others. We decided to share our vision, our virtues, our sweat, our processes, our experiences and our knowledge with all of you! Our Customers!

Our Goal

Today our goal is to help our customers find employees who have vision that can be joined with their company’s vision. The ideals of being an “ideal team player” are not a thing of the past. We just have to create a wider net to find these people. Ag Pathways LLC represents the Pathway to helping your business find shared visions from your potential new hires.

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