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Meet melany

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."
- Salvador Dali

I aspire to live each day with that quote in mind. Growing up my parents taught my brothers and I that we could do anything we wanted if we worked hard for it. My parents were prime example of that. They came to the United States with nothing but that in mind and were able to give my brothers and I an opportunity for a brighter future, and that is what drives me each day. It is why I work hard, to be able to give my children the same opportunities my parents gave me.

Ag Pathways has not only given me the opportunity to better my future, but to also help those that want to better their future. We help those with intelligence and ambition; The same ambition my parents had many years ago, the same vision and dream for a better future. Our clients and candidates share the same purpose and vision. It is our goal to bring them together!

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